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  1. The healing process lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. A tattoo IS A WOUND, and it is considered healthy when the scab has fallen off. Remember that the best thing you can do after getting a tattoo is resting

  2. During the healing process DO NOT EXPOSE your tattoo to seawater, jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms, gyms and swimming pools, MUCH LESS TO THE SUN

  3. Don't do heavy exercise involving the tattooed area for 3-5 days. This causes inflammation, swollen tattoos heal poorly and are vulnerable to infection

  4. Don't drink ALCOHOL for 3 days

  5. Leave the adhesive patch on for 12 - UP TO 72 hours after application, then remove it with clean hands.
    **Remove immediately in case of irritation or allergic reaction**
    - Remove the first one after 12-30 hours
    - Wash well with unscented soap
    - Once clean and dry, place the second patch and leave it for 5-6 days
    - Continue with the instructions

  6. For 5-7 days, wash day and night with UNSCENTED SOAP

  7. If needed, you can use Microdacyn 2-4 times a day and take a mild anti-inflammatory every 8 hours for 1-3 days

  8. Once you have a scab, don't scratch it and don't tear it off FOR ANY REASON, IT WILL FALL OFF BY ITSELF. From this moment, moisturize your tattoo with: the lotions you regularly use, vitamin D and A, Aquaphor, Bepanthen or Lubriderm (golden or blue cap)

  9. Let your tattoo breathe enough, try to wear loose clothing during healing and keep it uncovered while you're home

  10. All tattoos fade after healing and over the years, ALWAYS use sunscreen to protect your tattoo for much longer

  11. Tattoo infections are rare but VERY REAL, so don't forget to maintain proper hygiene. If your tattoo gets infected, you should go to your doctor to prescribe the necessary antibiotics, and the expenses are at your own expense. In this case, retouching your tattoo is free, and due to medical recommendations, it's done at least 6 months after

  12. Some tattoos need a touch-up after healing because well, I'm not a robot, and each organism is conditioned to heal differently. So, just be realistic, since there are things that are normal to healing and remember that no tattoo is perfect if you see it from 1cm away. If you need a touch-up it'll be free, though

  13. If your tattoo looks very swollen or irritation continues for a long time, contact me immediately to advise you on the process

  14. When your tattoo is completely healed, I really appreciate if you send me a picture of how it turned out =)

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